The following websites contain links that are useful and important for those engaged in cross-cultural mission, as practitioners or scholars, and for those who are more generally interested in the life and mission of the church throughout the world.

Sponsoring organisations


The USPG website contains news about the organisation’s work to assist churches in mission around the world. It also includes worship resources, prayers, activities and ideas that are useful for organising church related events with a world mission focus.

Ecumenical organisations

World Council of Churches

The main focus of this site at present is on work linked to the 2005 conference in Athens. There is also an important reflection by Jacques Matthey, a WCC mission studies staff member, on the development of misso dei theology in the 50+ years since the meeting at Willingen which articulated such thinking.

CCOM (Churches Commission on Mission)

CCOM is the ‘mission arm’ of Churches Together in Britain, the ecumenical body in Britain and Ireland. Go to the ‘Documents downloads’ link in the left hand side bar and a range of articles on mission issues (published in the CCOM publication ‘Connections’) is available.

Mission studies organisations

The International Association of Mission Studies

This site contains information about forthcoming events in the mission studies world as well as a collection of useful links and resources. There is a particularly useful listing of missiological journals.

The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT)

This website is notable particularly for an excellent article by Kirsteen Kim on ‘Mission Studies in Britain and Ireland: Introduction to a World-Wide Web’ and a detailed list of websites for mission research. Go to them by clicking the ‘Research’ link on the Home page.

Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia

This centre is based in Singapore. Their website includes back issues of the Centres journal, as well as news and postings about mission studies resources, with a particular focus on Asia.


Network for Inter Faith Concerns (NIFCON)

This site contains information, articles, events and courses relating to interfaith issues across the Anglican communion.