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Mission in the Pakistani Context

Introduction In this article, I would like to raise some pertinent questions regarding mission, and offer some views and modest comments about mission from a Pakistani perspective. The overarching title of the series, Rethinking Mission: Global Perspectives on Contextual Mission, is striking and calls for serious reflection on questions such as: Why is there a […]

Theological Foundation of Mission: South African Women’s Perspective

Delivered to the USPG Mission Conference, Southwark Cathedral, London, UK, on Saturday, 18 March 2017 Introduction The church in South Africa, particularly through the contribution of women, has been fulfilling God’s mission in line with contemporary theologies of mission. In my context, when you ask certain people about what the words mission and missionary mean, […]

Women Speak, Men Share, and Everyone Rush!

Prophetic Consciousness, Junkanoo and the Church in Bahamian Society Abstract Using the essential concepts of royal consciousness and prophetic consciousness from the biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination this paper explores the dialectical tension at the heart of the Church and Junkanoo (a carnival-like street festival) relationship in contemporary Bahamian society. In doing so […]