SPRING 2017: The Relaunch Edition

Open Bible with notebooks and pen

Prophetic Consciousness, Junkanoo and the Church in Bahamian Society

Carlton Turner explores the dialectical tension at the heart of the Church and Junkanoo relationship.

“To evangelize the people and the culture” – Catholic Mission in Contemporary Cuba

Petra Kuivala explores the current missionary policy of the Catholic Church in Cuba, focusing on the historical roots of the church’s agency within the revolutionary reality, and the current plan of evangelisation.

Recognising Reality: World Methodism and (Re-) Establishing the Church

Stephen Skuce reveals how the Methodist Church was established globally, not by organised missionaries but by lay people who were economic migrants, and explores how this being replicated in Britain today.


As the Church grew from early beginnings in Palestine it was increasingly subjected to attack and martyrdom. Emperor Constantine’s vision heralded the end of nearly three centuries of suffering. A new dawn was breaking… Great news! Or was it? The Rt Revd Michael Doe reflects.

Four Sabbatical Scholars

The first four sabbaticals in our Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion project have been very stimulating for all concerned. The Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings reviews the four sabbatical scholars, Lydia Mwaniki, Lily Zareef, Hilary Garang, and Muthuraj Swamy.