Kenneth Cracknell

Susan J White

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Methodism, like Roman Catholicism and the Anglican Communion, is a worldwide movement claiming some 75 million members and adherents (compared with about 78 million claimed by the Anglican Communion). The Methodist Church world-wide however represents two distinct traditions: both originate in the British Isles with the preaching of John Wesley but even before his death in 1791 a separation into British and American strands had taken place. Each spread throughout the world in the course of the next two centuries. The authors of this study are an American Methodist who has lived for many years in Britain and a British Methodist who has lived in USA. Both at present hold academic posts in the United States. The book starts with four chapters which describe the development of both strands historically. There follow six chapters on topics such as Methodist theology, spirituality, worship and social ethics. The final chapter is concerned with Methodism’s ecumenical and interfaith commitments. The treatment is authoritative but readily accessible. Both Methodists themselves, and any Anglicans involved  in any way in the Covenant between the Methodist Church and the Church of England would find this book a valuable resource.