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Letter from London – Spring 2017

How wonderful it is to be re-launching this journal after such a long break, in a new 21st century form.

Our desire, at USPG, is that the Rethinking Mission online journal will enable people around the world to engage, on an equal footing, in dialogue about what it means to be involved in mission today. Our hope and prayer is that this will be a forum to be inspired by and contribute to missiological thinking from your many own perspectives, and provide an opportunity for us to share together how local missiological thinking and experience impacts on the global perspective.

The world is a fast-moving place, yet God’s mission remains constant. It does, however, need to be proclaimed afresh in each generation and context. The greater our engagement with God’s mission in different situations and with different people, the richer our understanding of it will be. My hope is that Rethinking Mission will be one place where this happens.

I am very grateful to Evie Vernon, at USPG, and the team of theologians whom she has engaged, in bringing this dream of an online Rethinking Mission journal to fruition. May it be a place of inspiration, interaction and, indeed, of mission itself.

Janette O’Neill, Chief Executive, USPG

Our history

Rethinking Mission is an international online journal, sponsored by USPG, the United Society Partners in the Gospel.

A revitalisation of a paper and online journal, the purpose of Rethinking Mission is to provide a place where voices of the Global South are privileged in the discussion and development of missiology for today.

Rethinking Mission is a peer-reviewed journal, which promotes rigorous academic debate from the world-wide churches. Articles can be submitted, and will be published online, in English and other languages. In the case of non-English articles, an extended abstract in English will be required to accompany the article.

The Editorial Board of Rethinking Mission, guided by the Editor, Deaconess Dr (Rachele) Evie Vernon, wishes to nurture theologians and practitioners working in the area of mission, not least those representing contextual, post-colonial, womanist and feminist perspectives. The Editor, therefore, welcomes submissions from new as well as established writers.

In addition to the well-recognised process of peer review, the Editorial Board is willing to offer comment and feedback on work in progress, in order to foster less experienced and less confident voices, and those beginning and aspiring to an academic career in theology and missiology.

Rethinking Mission will be published twice a year and as well as articles ( shorter– 2-5 thousand words,– and longer – 5-8 thousand), the journal will publish book reviews on mission, and from the Global South, shorter reflections on practice, and relevant liturgical and poetic pieces.

The Rethinking Mission site will also provide a space for the sharing of resources, and moderated discussion boards Rethinking mission seeks to be both thoroughly academic and liberationist, in focussing on missiology from the Global South, and nurturing, and providing a platform which gives priority to voices often excluded from other academic journals.